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Becoming a Synthesizer Wizard : From Presets to Power User pdf, epub, mobi

Simon Cann,: Becoming a Synthesizer Wizard : From Presets to Power User

Becoming a Synthesizer Wizard : From Presets to Power User


With the rise digital recording software and the advent of the "one man computer music studio" there has been an astronomical rise in the number of people with software instruments, but many of these musicians have no idea how to use the modular synthesizers included with their music software programs. "Becoming a Synthesizer Wizard: From Presets to Power User" is the first book that explains what a modular synthesizer is, how it works, and how to use software synthesizers to make music. The book takes a highly practical approach to the subject providing a readable guide which opens up the subject to a broad spectrum of readers. It begins by explaining what the basic building blocks of modular synthesis are, and how they interact. Then it continues to specific exercises utilizing software synthesizers that will be readily available to the reader, regardless of platform or digital audio workstation of choice.

The title of this book is taken from Henry Miller's "Into the Night Life" and expresses the way Lawrence Ferlinghetti felt about these poems when he wrote them during a short period in the 1950's - as if they were, taken together, a kind of Coney Island of the mind, a kind of circus of the soul. Survival of the fittest or survival of the nicest? Since the dawn of time man has contemplated the mystery of altruism, but it was Darwin who posed the question most starkly. From the selfless ant to the stinging bee to the man laying down his life for a stranger, evolution has yielded a goodness that in theory should never be. Set against the sweeping tale of 150 years of scientific attempts to explain kindness, The Price of Altruism tells for the first time the moving story of the eccentric American genius George Price (1922-1975), as he strives to answer evolution's greatest riddle. An original and penetrating picture of twentieth century thought, it is also a deeply personal journey. From the heights of the Manhattan Project to the inspired equation that explains altruism to the depths of homelessness and Becoming a Synthesizer Wizard : From Presets to Power User download epub despair, Price's life embodies the paradoxes of Darwin's enigma. His tragic suicide in a squatter's flat, among the vagabonds to whom he gave all his possessions, provides the ultimate contemplation on the possibility of genuine benevolence.

Author: Simon Cann,
Number of Pages: 333 pages
Published Date: 05 Aug 2009
Publisher: Cengage Learning, Inc
Publication Country: Boston, MA, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781598635508
Download Link: Click Here


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